We often have questions from people who have never been to a Zen Center, or service. Sometimes, we have questions from long time practitioners as well. To help people learn more about us, our philosophy, or just general information, we recorded a series of questions and audio responses to help. We attempted to answer the questions we are asked more frequently, but if you have any further questions not covered below, feel free to email us at hoden108@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Questions & Answers

What does Dharma Gate Zen do? What is it about?


What is the Sunday service like? What should I expect?


What else happens at Dharma Gate Zen? What other types of classes or services do you provide?


Why do people meditate? What is the purpose or point of it all?


How do I become a member?


Where are you located? How do I find the center?


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