What we offer

Dharma Gate Zen Center was founded to provide a resource for mindfulness, compassion and balance in people’s lives. Our classes bring together teachers for many different walks of life, to provide as much variety and approachability for these ideas. Every person will have a unique need, a unique interest.

Aside from classes, the zen center also hold retreats, special events, buddhist holidays and ceremonies. We are located in Troy, Michigan.

Follow our classes or events links to locate more information on dates and times.


Sunday Morning Service:

We hold service every Sunday at 10:00 am which consists of a short service (chanting in English), a period of zazen, a shorter period of lead meditation (sometime qigong, compassion meditation, listening to a bell, walking meditation), a short Dharma talk and then we all gather for tea and conversation.

Zazen Meditation:

During the week we have two sittings, Tuesday and Thursday (check our calendar for times). These consist of a 30 minute period of sitting (usually around 20-25 minutes total).

Refuge Recovery:

We offer an alternative to those who are in addiction recovery called Refuge Recovery. This group meets multiple times per week (check our calendar for days and times) and is open to those who are suffering from addiction or substance abuse. This support group  is based on the teaching and path of the Buddha.

Buddhist Wedding Services:

We offer wedding services for members of DGZ. If you are getting married and would like the clergy of Dharma Gate Zen to officiate, please contact us for information.

Baby Blessings:

We offer a special form of a Baby Blessing based in our contemporary practice for members of DGZ. If you are interested, please contact us for information.


Japanese Swordsmanship: Homonji Iaido

Based on movements and techniques from a Koryu (old style) Japanese Sword Art, our practice is focused on gaining balance, mindfulness, and having fun. Homonji Iaido is open to people of any level of experience and we allow ages as young as 12 years old (and up). Check our class info for times and dates.

Introduction to Meditation & Buddhism:

We offer an introduction to meditation and Buddhism on a regular basis. This class follows the history of Buddhism, from the life of the Buddha to the advancement and migration throughout the world. We also cover basic core concepts throughout the class. This class is designed to make these ideas approachable, and understandable. We also cover meditation techniques, basic postures, breathing, techniques of focus and aims to help each attendee build a personal plan for regular ongoing practice.

If you are interested in hosting a home class, or a class at your work or school, please contact us for more information.

Education and Speaking Engagements:

If you are interested in booking Hoden Sunim for a private class, or speaking engagement at your education institution please contact us for more information. We also welcome any students who are working in a comparative religions course, or any school that wishes to send their students for the experience. Please let us know when you arrive and we can set time aside to answer any direct questions related to our course.