About Us

DCF 1.0“All beings, one body, I vow to liberate;
Endless blind passions, I vow to uproot;
Dharma Gates without number, I vow to penetrate;
The path of the buddha, I vow to follow.”
– The Bodhisattva Vow


Dharma Gate Zen Center was founded to provide a local resource for people of all walks of life to experience and learn ways to gain mindfulness and balance in their lives. In the world we live in today, it is increasingly harder to find time to be with ourselves, to find quiet and peace.

A “Dharma Gate” is simply a vehicle, a way, a practice, a focus. Something that we can use to cross into a better understanding, a better balance, a more compassionate way to live. Everyone is different, and there is an endless number of ways to find happiness.

Dharma Gate Zen provides teaching, classes, and programs centered on building awareness and mindfulness, for people of all backgrounds. Founded on the traditional teachings of Buddhism and Zen practice as transmitted from generation to generation by traditional Buddhist teachers, we provide a community focused organization that provides a place to learn about, and celebrate, Zen and Buddhist culture.

We aim to strip away the esoteric nature of many of these dharma gates and practices and make them approachable and meaningful for people in our local community.

We are an official Non-Profit organization and all donations are used for the continuation of our organization.

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